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Tomato Garlic

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Choklay's Lentil Soup
Authentic Tibetan recipe featuring moderately

spicy lentils, potatoes, carrots, celery,

chili peppers, coriander, cumin, and cilantro.

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Gingered Yam
Creamy gingered sweet potatoes with

celery, onions, bay leaf, salt, pepper

and whole milk.

Groundnut Soup
A spicy soup from eastern Africa with celery, bell

peppers, rice, tomatoes, onions, peanut butter, honey,

lime juice, cayenne, cilantro and curry spices.

We feel like Zeus still

Delicious creamy parsnip soup made with onions,

potatoes, milk, dill, caraway, and cheddar --


Here's a soup from the bad old days of colonial India:

carrots, celery, tomatoes, onions, peppers, potatoes, lime,

nd garbanzos with curry spices and coconut milk.

With the casts returning it looks more like the original Temple

Vegetable Couscous

Piquant vegetable soup with couscous;

features celery, carrots, onions,

peppers, kale, fresh mint, and lemon.

Crema Andaluza
Tomatoes, potatoes, and leeks, puréed with

tarragon, cayenne, and whole milk. It is sublime.

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Curried Sweet Pea

A lovely chartreuse purée made with lightly

curried sweet peas, onions, potatoes,

and whole milk.

Lebanese Vegetable
Savory vegetable stew with artichoke hearts, chicpeas,

zucchini, peppers, potatoes, onions, garlic, and

parsley, flavored with coriander, and cayenne.